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From Long Beach, California to the mountains of the Pyrenees in northern Spain, Suicide In Slow Motion takes the reader on a voyage of discovery through Tristan’s eyes, while confronting the horrors of PTSD and delving into the philosophy of self-destruction. It also seeks to answer the question that many veterans ask once they leave the military... what the hell do I do now?

About the Author


Suicide in Slow Motion by
Reagan Hale Pettigrew


Reagan Hale Pettigrew found his love for reading and writing while in the military. After his discharge, he began a new life on the road that took him from America to Europe. Suicide

In Slow Motion is his breakout novel.

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Red Sun Rising Publishing is an all veteran owned and operated company, looking to support and give voice to all service men and women. We are here to put boots to the ground, and show our stories in a way that only we can.

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